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You know that learning and development is critical to your organization’s success – but does your organization have the expertise necessary to take you to the next level?

I’ve spent my career honing the skills necessary to teach elite business owners and executives. I pull from an extensive background in business, organizational development, adult education, leadership, curriculum design, and corporate training to help executives and business owners just like you reach your ultimate goals.

Your needs are unique to your situation, so you deserve customized strategic solutions. Here are just some examples of results we’ve measured using our powerful assessment tools. Leadership emotional intelligence, impact, and presence. The business leaders with whom I’ve worked have reported leadership impact and presence improvements of at least 20-30%. Employee engagement challenges. Creating a more committed and satisfied workforce lowers turn-over rates, boosts customer service ratings, and promotes consistency. We’ve achieved overall engagement increases of 25-30% and improvements of 60% or more in the area of “employees feeling appreciated at work.” Business Profitability. From applying these new skills to sales and efficiency-focused curriculum, my clients regularly increase their profits by at least 1% - which often amounts to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Isn’t it time to leverage customized tools, strategic coursework, and personalized coaching to build a healthier and more fulfilling business? Let’s get started.

- Cynde Herman


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