Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Ensure success.

Executives and business leaders have the daunting and exciting responsibility of driving profitability and maintaining employee engagement. This level of capability requires ongoing leadership development and management skill training to ensure that your team is ready to help your business reach its next level of success.

If you’re approaching a period of growth – congratulations! This is both an exciting and potentially dangerous time. With periods of growth, you invite both great potential and new risks. You must continually ask yourself, how will I build greater effectiveness and increase profitability? You can find the answers that are right for your business with the counsel of an experienced business expert.

So many business owners and C-Suite executives unnecessarily maintain a “go it alone” mentality. Business and executive coaching not only helps with business performance; it also supports executives and senior leaders in their ability to bring their best thinking forward, tap into their unique areas of wisdom, develop high emotional intelligence, and learn new leadership techniques.


“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” - Einstein

Our methodology leverages a curriculum-based training and proven business coaching techniques that are customized for your business and your career path. Our process is designed to drive results, boost satisfaction with your life, and decrease wasted energy and stress.

It’s time to take your mindset and your focus to the next level to ensure you aren’t unconsciously impeding growth and becoming stagnant. Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programs offer the best ROI when it comes to successfully taking the next step in your business growth. Truly, Strategic Outcomes Learning – led by Dr. Cynde Herman – brings the unique leadership development solution that brings together emotional intelligence, employee engagement, and business profitability skills, knowledge, and capability building – never before integrated.


Leadership Development is at the center of Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement, and Business Profitability Skills

“What holds true for the individual holds true for a society. It is never static; if it does not grow, it decays; if it does not transcend the status quo for the better, it changes for the worse. Often, we, the individual or the people who make up a society, have the illusion we could stand still and not alter the given situation in the one or the other direction. This is one of the most dangerous illusions. The moment we stand still, we begin to decay.”

― Erich Fromm, The Revolution of Hope: Toward a Humanized Technology