Leverage knowledge.

Building stronger teams, improving productivity, and solving an organization’s core challenges begins with a deep understanding of the business’s human element.

Assessments offer opportunities to explore self-awareness, development potential, and strengths and weaknesses, so each team member can become more productive and business leaders can create a strategic plan. Assessments are key for gathering data and analytics, so senior managers can make educated choices about what’s best for the company.

There are essentially two types of assessments: self-assessments for personality/behvior or skill assessments for core competencies.

To gain the most benefit from professional assessments, it’s essential to choose the right coach or assessment facilitator to administer the assessments (if not self-guided), analyze the data, and translate the findings into business strategies. It’s time you worked with an assessment facilitator you can trust, who uses empathy and kindness when communicating the findings, and is skilled in people development and goal setting.

  • DISC for Behaviors
  • 12 Driving Forces™ for Workplace Motivators
  • Emotional Quotient™
  • Stress Quotient™
  • OD 360 Surveys™ for 360o Feedback
  • Sales Skills Index™
  • Talent Insights™ for Understanding Your Team
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment©
  • Emergenetics®
  • Leadership Circle®